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What is AGNIPATH Scheme 2022? Full details about Agnipath Scheme

What is Agnipath Scheme

What is Agnipath Scheme: Agnipath is a scheme for recruiting young soldiers in armed forces. It is a recruiting process for below ranked officers, With the goal of deploying fitter and young troops, Many of them are under four year contracts.

The troops recruited under the Agnipath scheme will be called AGNIVEERS.

Age Limit for Agnipath scheme

Under this scheme both Man and Women between the ages of 17.5 and 21 years old will be brought into the armed forces. Later after protest against this scheme the age limit is increased to 25.

What is Agnipath Scheme? The Eligibility Criteria for this Scheme

All three service will be enrolled through a centralized online system, with specific rallies and campus interviews conducted by recognised technical collages such as Industrials Training Institutedes and the national skills Qualifications framework, among others. Enrollment will be on a ‘all India all class’ basis, with eligible ages ranging from 17.5 and 21 years old. Agniveer will meet the medical requirment in the armed forces as they apply to their particular categories/trades. Agniveer’s aducational qualification will continue to be popular for enrolment in many categories such as: the educational requiment for becoming a General duty (GD) soldiers is class 10.

The Anipath Requirement Start From

The agnipath requirement start from: The first Agnipath requirement entry rally requirement will start from september-oct 2022.

The Salary Package Under Agnipath Scheme

The salary package under Agnipath scheme: The first year salary package of Rs. 4.76 lakh with upgradation of up to Rs. 6.92 in 4th year while post release, Seva Nidhi package is of approx Rs. around 11 lakh, including intrest (tax free) there’s also a non-contributory insurance covers of Rs. 48 lakh. Provided the individuals receive a agniveer Skill certificate which will assist in post release job opportunities.

The Terms of Service Under Agnipath

The term of service under agnipath: After four years of sservice, 25% of Agniveers will be allowed to serve for another 15 years, under permanent commission. While the other 75% agniveers will be demoblised with an axit or ‘Seva Nidhi’ package of Rs. 11-12 lakh. Partly funded by their monthly contributions, as well as skill certificates and bank loan for helping their second career.

The advantage of Agnipath Scheme

The advantage of Agnipath scheme: It provides-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the youth to serve their country and contribute to national development. The Armed Forces would be younger and more vibrant. The Agniveers will have a good financial package with the opportunity to train in the best military ethos in civil society and institutions, as well as improve their skills and qualifications. This will make well-disciplined and skilled youth with military ethos in the civil society.
Home minister Rajnath Singh also spoke about Agnipath scheme features and its advantage see video.

This Scheme Induce change in the Age to Drop out from the Military

This Scheme Induce in the change in the age to drop out from the military: Military officials said the new system would help bring down the average age of the armed forces. In the army, the advantage age would drop from 32 to 26.

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