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Why are youngsters protesting against Agnipath recruitment scheme?

Protesting against agnipath scheme

Why Youngsters are protesting against Agnipath Scheme: On 14 June The Union Cabinet approved a recruitment scheme named Agnipath for Indian youth to serve in the Armed Forces. The scheme allows youth to serve in the Armed Forces for a period of four years.

What is Agnipath?

After announcement of Agnipath scheme around half of Indian states are seeing youth protest against the India’s controversial military recruitment scheme Agnipath. A controversial Indian military recruitment policy (Agnipath scheme) which purpose is not to reduce the country’s burgeoning salary and pension bills but also reduce the average age of indian soldiers in army.

Sachin Pilot thoughts on Agnipath scheme

Senior congress leader Sachin Pilot said on Agnipath scheme that, The government “Must not be Stubborn and should roll back the Agnipath scheme”.

Mr. Sachin Pilot said that, The Indian government should have reconsidered projects like Central Vista Avenue. And “if the Indian government wanted to reduce pension bills, then there were other ways too. The government should not have build the Central Vista. The way the government had to take back the farm laws the Agnipath scheme should also take back, Mr. Sachin Pilot said in a protest organised by his party in New Delhi.

Why youngsters are protesting against Agnipath Scheme? | What is Agnipath protesting for?

The introduction of the newly Announced military recruitment scheme (Agnipath scheme) has protested by youth. The protest are taking in eight Indian states, including BJP-ruled utter pradesh (UP), Haryana, Bihar, Where BJP is part of Coalition with Mr. Nitish kumar’s Janta Dal.

The indian government said that the peoples between ages from 17-and-half to 21 years old can introduce their self for the scheme and only 25% of them will continue service on regular basis and other 75% will retired after serving 4 year of service period. As this statement made youth to protest against this scheme because most of them wants to continue as regular officer in army.

In the protest there are about 340 train services were all affected by youth on Friday 17-06-2022 agitation against the newly lunched military recruitment scheme (Agnipath scheme). Railway stations With including police stations also have been affected by the protesters. They have not been spared by rioters who did not shy from clashing with the police.

The total around thousands of crores of rupees in public money have been blazed away in a matter of just some days after announcing the Agnipath scheme. Youth protests were particularly violent in the stats of Telengana, Bihar, West Bangal, Rajasthan and Utter Pradesh include Haryana where violent protestors and wreaked havoc on the streets the word go.

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